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Thank you for your interest in Smart Start Preschool at Hidden Springs!

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Smart Start Preschool

13399 N 1st Ave.

Hidden Springs, ID 83714

School: 208-246-9727

Erin: 208-720-1388

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Pam Arriola

The part I like best about Smart Start preschool is how they instill a love of learning in their students. My children are perfect examples of this effect as they love to learn about anything. It’s a beautiful building block and the perfect beginning of your child’s education.

Top View of Kids Playing

Nick Goodman

Our daughter loves the activity-based lessons that promote on-going interest in learning at Smart Start. We love the positive environment that fosters growth. Erin’s knowledge and expertise in early childhood education and developmentally appropriate instruction have truly prepared our daughter for Kindergarten. 

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Megan Lotz

We love Erin Tippett’s program at Smart Start Preschool! With her gentle spirit and love of teaching, Erin instills a love of learning into her students.  Our son, Ryan, has flourished in the 3 year old class. The environment is child centered and the atmosphere is one of caring and friendship. With lessons in music, art, academics, Spanish, nature and play, I don’t think we could ask for anything more! 

Child Doing Art Activity

Dana Menlove

 As owner and lead teacher at Smart Start Preschool, Erin Tippetts epitomizes the best in early learning. While the overall atmosphere at Smart Start fosters creativity and fun and the teachers follow Erin’s lead of sweetly guiding, supporting, and challenging the children — all wonderful characteristics of the place — it is Erin’s attention to and knowledge of current literature regarding best practices for children this age (and the successful application of this knowledge) that really sets her school apart. Both of my children truly felt engaged in mind and heart, benefitting greatly from Smart Start’s approach of teaching the whole child.

Painting Class

Christine Allred

Erin Tippetts is that rare teacher who has perfected the art of generating and sustaining enthusiasm in her young students while maintaining an atmosphere of respect and regard.  I’ve never seen small children have so much fun while behaving so responsibly!  She brings out the best in them. We started our oldest at Smart Start and expect to continue until our youngest heads off to kindergarten.

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